Issue 03
Our 25 page photostory will take you to GREEN HILLS ESTATE, where Jade's father has just bought her the most amazing present, a champion horse named PORTOS. Jade couldn't be more excited; that is, until she meets PORTOS and realizes that being a champion horse isn't all it's cracked up to be.

We'll also introduce you to EMMA and co. in our 16 page comic. Today's Emma's birthday and her father has invited Julie for a visit. The whiny and snobby cousin is unimpressed by Emma's horse- loving lifestyle and isn't afraid to show it. One bad decision puts Julie in harm's way, but also teaches her a valuable lesson about the true meaning of friendship.

Each LHM issue will feature a different horse breed. Our premiere issue focuses on the beautiful Haflingers: their history, lifestyle and what makes them so extraordinary. We'll also share with you some useful tips to help make the horse care process go smoothly. Not only are there some fab features to help keep both you and your horse safe before and while riding, but there's also an excellent film containing a step-by-step guide on how to plait your horse's hair in 3 different ways.

Each issue we'll send you to a different part of the world in search of a horse rider's paradise. Our journey begins in France, actually, in Aquitaine, on the Côte d'argent. A horse trek here offers you very diverse terrain, fantastic views and interesting sights. This Equestrian centre has everything a horse rider, at any skill level, could possibly need. All the details are waiting for you inside LUCKY HORSE MAGAZINE.
How can girls have a relationship with boys if they spend all their time with horses? Is it possible to have both? Well, 4 girls know a little something about this topic in TOUGH LOVE. Join us inside and see what they have to say.

What's a mag without some funny stories... BLOOPERS?! See what happened to some riders when the horses took over. You can also watch the first installment of a short animation about those pesky stable flies, PACO&BUZZ and scroll through some beautiful shots of foals in action.

Check out all this and much, much more in the first issue of LUCKY HORSE MAGAZINE. Whether you're just a horse lover, a casual rider, or in the competitive circuit, there's something in here for everyone. See for yourself, you won't be disappointed.