Issue 03
In the second issue of LHM we’d like to present you the Black Pearl of the North Sea, which is the Friesian breed; its history, habits and special features.

We’ll provide you with some useful tips on how to tend to your horse and ride it safely. Thanks to the video, you’ll know how to make your horse fab and happy step by step! ;)

In this issue of LHM our search for a horse-riding paradise will continue. This time we’ll make our way to Spain, Catalonia, where horse lovers can find lots of attractive trails through the magnificent region of Costa Brava and Catalonian mountains.

Are you interested in traditional riding?
If so, we’ve prepared an interview with a champion in sidesaddle riding, who’d like to share with you the ins and outs of this female riding style. Find out what she thinks of gorgeous costumes, training and her career!

There’s also a bit of sports: the queen of all riding disciplines, the vaulting. Learn about this difficult, yet impressive art of horseback acrobatics.

They’re beautiful, smart and influential! Let us introduce you to the Rodeo Queens! It takes something more than wisdom, personality and look to become one… Learn the details of their hard work and many-months preparations for a Rodeo Queen Pageant.

What would LHM be without a dose of humour…?
Hilarious, sometimes thrilling, but always real-life stories! Read about the adventures of riders whose horses took over control :)

Speaking of humour, you’ll have a chance to watch the second episode of ‘Paco & Buzz’, an animated story about the funny adventures of two nasty stable flies.

There’s also a photo gallery for you to watch – this time you’ll be presented the pics of Ponies.

All this stuff and even more can be found in the second issue of LHM.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an advanced rider or just a beginner, every horse lover will find there something interesting to read and watch, regardless of their riding skills.

Check it out, you won’t regret!!!